About Nursing Home Bedsore Lawsuits

Whether called bedsores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers, these painful wounds are the result of neglect and negligent care. A bedsore begins when the nursing staff fails to relieve pressure on certain parts of the body. The pressure results in insufficient blood feeding the skin tissue. This hypoxic condition results in tissue death and the wound. The wounds are notoriously difficult to treat. So the most effective form of treatment is prevention. Without proper care, these wounds become infected and can cause a rapid decrease in the resident’s quality of life. If you see a wound on a loved one, it is most likely a result of negligence.

Elderly Abuse in Nursing Home’s Can Lead To Bedsore Problems

Elderly abuse is a sad yet common occurrence in today’s society. As elderly individuals become older, their ability to live independently decreases, forcing them to enter into assisted living situations in which they are dependent on the actions of others. Sadly, in many of these situations the individuals who are responsible for the well being of their elderly charges do not appropriately care for them. Statistics show that approximately 3-5 million elderly individuals were victims of elderly abuse or neglect in 2011. Even more disturbingly, many experts believe the actual number is much higher but that a vast majority of cases of elderly abuse or neglect go unreported. The very mental and physical disabilities that forced the elderly individuals into the assisted living situation are the very factors that make them susceptible to elderly abuse. Furthermore, many individuals who are suffering from elderly abuse cannot or will not speak out about the neglect or abuse they are experiencing either as a result of their disabilities or fear of reprisal due to their vulnerable position. It is extremely important for relatives and friends of any elderly individuals living in assisted living situations to remain vigilant for signs and symptoms of elderly abuse, which can manifest either physically or in sudden, inexplicable personality changes. Elderly abuse is extremely serious and should never be tolerated. If you suspect or are experiencing elderly abuse or neglect, seek legal help immediately.

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