Sep 23

Nursing Home Substance Abuse

Nursing Home Substance Abuse

There is a common misconception that substance abuse is not a factor among people who are elderly or disabled. The fact is, nursing home substance abuse is a very real consideration, and one that is gaining increasing attention. Many nursing…Read More

Aug 10

Nursing Home Lawsuit Alleges Financial Exploitation

Nursing Home Lawsuit Alleges Financial Exploitation

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you may be interested in a recent lawsuit case filed against a Florida nursing home.  Filed in June of 2016, the nursing home lawsuit alleges financial exploitation totaling more than…Read More

Jul 06

Nursing Home Abuse Common Between Residents

Nursing Home Abuse Common Between Residents

Nursing home abuse occurs at an alarmingly high rate with many factors contributing to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.  While it is commonly assumed that most abuse occurs at the hands of care providers, new research shows that nursing home abuse…Read More

Jun 10

Nursing Home Abuse Alleged in New Mexico Lawsuit

Former New Mexico Attorney General Gary King filed a nursing home abuse and neglect lawsuit in 2014 against two New Mexico companies that operate nursing homes throughout the state. Current Attorney General Hector Balderas is now spearheading the ongoing lawsuit,…Read More

Sep 30

Sepsis in the Elderly a Serious Concern for Families

Sepsis is a serious complication of infection that millions of individuals are diagnosed with every year. Also known as blood poisoning, sepsis is the body’s reaction of infection or injury, but can be life-threatening for individuals with compromised immune systems.…Read More

Sep 15

Nursing Home Neglect Cases and Mandatory Arbitration

Any time there is suspicion of nursing home neglect or abuse, the families involved want to act quickly to protect the safety and rights of their loved one. Nursing home neglect cases can be emotionally taxing and complicated, and always…Read More

Sep 15

Florida Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Discuss How to Report Elder Abuse

Every year, numerous families in Florida, and all across the United States, place an elderly loved one in a nursing home. The reasons for choosing a nursing home can range from in-patient rehabilitation from an injury, to chronic illness requiring…Read More

Sep 10

Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing Home Abuse in Miami

Nursing home abuse in Miami, and all across the state, is a serious concern for any family with a loved one living in a nursing home. Even concerned individuals can find it difficult to understand the signs and symptoms of…Read More

Sep 10

Elderly Abuse in Nursing Homes: What Statistics Show

While it is difficult to imagine someone willfully and intentionally abusing an elderly individual, the fact is that elderly abuse in nursing homes happens at an alarming rate in the United States. Recently, the Special Investigations Division of the House…Read More

Sep 01

Florida Nursing Home Attorneys offer Advice on Recognizing Pressure Sores and Neglect

As individuals age and are less self-sustaining, their overall care and wellbeing becomes even more important to their loved ones. Many families choose to rely on the support and assistance offered by a nursing home. With the promise of skilled…Read More