Jul 22

Elderly Veteran Dies in Hospital – Elder Neglect Case

A 93-year-old former WWII soldier who was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor died after being neglected in a hospital in Kent, UK in June. Frank Foster, a veteran who served in the Second World War, was admitted to Tunbridge…Read More

Jul 22

Nursing Home Bookkeeper Guilty of Financial Elder Abuse

An Alabama bookkeeper who worked at a nursing home in Conecuh County has been convicted of stealing money from vulnerable residents at the home. Mary K. Nowell from the town of Bon Secour south of Montgomery, Alabama pleaded guilty to…Read More

Jul 16

Carer Suspended After Video Footage Confirms Nursing Home Abuse

A former nurse who died in May 2014 was the victim of nursing home abuse caught on secret video camera by her relatives. 92-year-old Bridget Rees was secretly filmed being abused by carer Faderera Grace Bello while she was a…Read More

Jul 15

Elderly Man Allegedly Died of Nursing Home Neglect and Bedsores in Wrongful Death Case

A nursing home in the city of Lima in Ohio has been cited as being negligent in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Allen County Common Pleas Court. The Baton Rouge Medical and Rehab Center of Lima, where elderly man…Read More

Jul 08

North Carolina Assisted Living Facility Cited in Nursing Home Abuse Allegations Following Death of Resident

A Wilmington, North Carolina nursing home is under fire from the state’s Department of Health and Human Services for allegedly failing to keep residents free from abuse in a recent case reported by a local news service. Champions Assisted Living…Read More

Jul 08

Nursing Home Abuse Victim’s Family Call For Video Cameras to be Installed in All Nursing Homes

The family of an 89-year-old nursing home abuse victim are campaigning for video cameras to be compulsory in all nursing homes across the country. Ivy Robinson was a patient at Oakfoss House Residential Care Home in Pontefract, UK. A dementia…Read More

Jul 03

Staff Member Who Failed to Report Allegations of Nursing Home Abuse Faces Charges

A Scottish nurse who was cleared of physical abuse against an elderly nursing home resident has been accused of failing to report other staff members. Jason Seats stood trial in 2012 after he was accused of physically abusing an 84-year-old…Read More

Jul 02

Staff Member Exposes Nursing Home Abuse After Installing Secret Video Camera

A nurse who caught a repairman abusing a nursing home resident by placing a secret camera in the victim’s room has been praised for her tenacity in taking matters into her own hands after her suspicions against the man were…Read More

Jun 24

Nursing Home Abuse Exposed After Son Sets Up Secret Camera in Mother’s Room

Three former employees have been charged in a nursing home abuse case after the victim’s son exposed their crimes using a secret video camera set up in his mother’s room. Peter Wright set up the video surveillance camera three weeks…Read More

Jun 24

Supervisor Charged For Failing to Report Nursing Home Abuse in Georgia

Two nursing home employees have been arrested in Thomasville, Georgia in connection with an elder abuse case that has recently come to light. The Southern Pines Senior Living Facility has been the setting for the abuse scandal which broke out…Read More