Jun 27

Are American Nursing Homes LGBT Friendly?

In today’s highly diverse society so focused on equality, we cannot forget to ensure that the aging community has all the resources needed to live a healthy, happy life.  Recently, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News published an article focused on the…Read More

May 06

Is Antipsychotic Medication Use Increasing Among Elderly Patients?

In recent months, more attention has been given to the use of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes and the danger these drugs pose to residents.  Now, an article published in April 2018 in “McKnight’s Long-Term Care News” begs the question…Read More

Mar 14

Are Texas Nursing Home Residents Being Overmedicated?

The issue of unnecessarily medicating and overmedicating of nursing home residents has been a hot topic among advocates and attorneys for quite some time.  While often referenced on a broad or nationwide level, a local news station has brought the…Read More

Nov 30

Do Nursing Home Residents Get the Palliative Care they Deserve?

A recent U.S.  study has many people asking – “do nursing home residents get the palliative care they deserve?” It seems that many nursing home residents who are eligible for palliative care, or who could benefit from it, do not…Read More

Oct 10

Florida Officials Still Investigating Nursing Home Deaths after Hurricane Irma

Florida officials are still investigating a series of nursing home deaths after Hurricane Irma knocked out power and downed trees.  Long-term care facilities across Florida prepped for Hurricane Irma by stocking up on food, medical supplies, and water.  Now there…Read More

Jun 13

Are Veterans Knowingly Placed in Harm’s Way at Texas Nursing Home?

A Texas news station, KRIS 6 News, has recently wrapped up an investigation into whether veterans are knowingly placed in harm’s way at a Texas nursing home.  According to the investigation, the U.S.  Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has continued…Read More

Apr 26

Texas Nursing Home Employee Arrested for Injuring the Elderly

A 23-year-old Texas nursing home employee has been arrested for injuring the elderly after he reportedly played a “joke” on an elderly resident that vehemently crossed ethical lines.  Someone who received disturbing images from the employee via Snapchat took a…Read More

Mar 03

How Big a Problem is Rape in Nursing Homes?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, you prepare yourself for the reality of their aging, health, disabilities, and the possibility of their passing in the future.  In this article titled “How Big a Problem is Rape…Read More

Feb 01

The Relationship Between Nursing Home Abuse and Crime

Nursing homes are required by law to provide quality care and protect residents from harm.  Recently, we were asked about the relationship between nursing home abuse and crime.  Protecting residents from harm is often viewed as preventing bedsores, falls, or…Read More

Nov 18

Texas Nursing Homes Cited for Negligence

Texas Nursing Homes Cited for Negligence

Five Texas nursing homes have been cited for inappropriate touching, malnourishment, and negligence following an investigation by CBS19.  The investigation began after a series of complaints were filed against nursing homes in Tyler and Longview.  Digging deeper into the complaints,…Read More