Educating Residents to Fight Against Elder Abuse in the Indiana Community

Dec 11, 2013

Identified as a serious health concern in the 21st century by the World Health Organization, elder abuse is unfortunately all too common in our nation.

Year on year stories enter the press about elderly residents in nursing homes who have suffered at the hands of either professional caregivers or their own family members. Now the town of Muncie in Indiana, has boldly introduced workshops for the town’s residents outlining the varying types of elder abuse and providing information on how to help those who people think might be at risk.

A staggering 40,000 senior citizens have been affected by elder abuse in the state of Indiana alone.

Elder abuse constitutes not only physical pain but can also encompass verbal, emotional or financial abuse meaning that it can be more difficult to spot when a senior is being abused.

Introduced and run by LifeStream Services, a local nonprofit organisation that works for senior citizens, workshops highlight what to look for when you suspect a senior is being abused. Changes in behaviour, including loss of appetite and sleeping patterns, withdrawal from social situations or any complaints they might want to discuss or topics they want to avoid, could all act as warning signs to possible elder abuse. The workshops focus on promoting the understanding that for some seniors it will be difficult or embarrassing to talk about what is going on, especially if they are being abused by someone who is close to them. Often anxieties about being alone or being too afraid to ask for help stop a senior from wanting to reach out. These workshops are a welcome way to encourage people to speak up on behalf of a senior if they see, hear or think that an elderly person is being abused.

Bruce Reynolds, Executive Director of the Muncie Delaware County Senior Center where the workshops are held once a week, says that they are there to show senior citizens that whatever the situation they will always be there to stand by and help them. People concerned can also contact Adult Protective Services and talk to someone confidentially.

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