Insurance Agent Betrays His Own Aunt in Financial Elder Abuse Case

Dec 19, 2013

When we think of the atrocities of elder abuse what springs to mind are the physical and emotional abuses that year on year seemingly trusted healthcare professionals inflict on helpless elderly victims.

While it might be easy to spot physical signs of abuse and neglect such as cuts or bruises, burns or bedsores, it is harder to spot emotional signs. It is important to be vigilant to changes in an elderly person’s behavior, being sure to listen carefully to what they talk about and how they talk about things.

Financial abuse however can be even more difficult to spot than the emotional and physical abuse and a form of abuse that many would not even realize was rife in nursing homes across the nation.

In one such case it has come to light that a former insurance agent was forging his 78-year old aunt’s signature to steal money from her. 47-year old Myles Seishin Hanashiro sold a $100,000 life annuity policy to his unassuming aunt when he was working as a life insurance agent in 2005. Four years later his aunt received a letter from her insurance company which stated that the address correspondence on her policy had been changed to Hanashiro’s address. This was done without her permission. The cheques that he was withdrawing were in fact being sent to his home address after he was forging her signature to sign for them. Of the 4 cheques he signed he cashed two and deposited two, adding them to his personal finances. In total Hanashiro’s aunt lost in excess of a whopping $110,000 from her policy. Since then Hanashiro has lost his license to sell insurance after it expired in 2009 and was arrested on 4 counts of financial elder abuse.

If convicted he could face up to four years in prison and have to pay a series of fines.

Preying on elderly people is the ultimate betrayal when seniors look to family members or friends for financial advice. The team at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm respect that some elderly people might find the situation embarrassing or difficult to talk about. They are compassionate and professional when dealing with these cases. If you need to talk to a nursing home attorney then contact the team today.