Kentucky Man Denies Abusing 87-Year Old Woman with Dementia in Nursing Home

Dec 11, 2013

49-year old Frank Hicks who was working as a caregiver at Cambridge Place Health Care facility has been charged with abusing or neglecting an adult and will likely face a jury in the new year in a shocking case of nursing home abuse. 

While no specifics have been given on the extent of the abuse, a police report states that a witness saw Hicks standing over the female resident’s bed with his belt unbuckled, pushing up against her. As Hicks pleads not guilty to the charges, light is being thrown on previous unsavory accounts at Lexington’s Cambridge Place Health Care facility.

An incident in April this year was reported to police, stemming from an incident that took place at Cambridge Place in January which was not reported. At the start of the year a resident told staff that a male nurse’s aide got into bed with them and straddled them. Although there is no information about whether this resident was male or female what is certain is that the case was not reported because staff deemed the resident’s allegations to be not credible. Later, the resident retracted the statement saying that nothing happened. The aide involved was arrested in April, although it is unclear whether it was Hicks.

Cambridge Place was told that they were not complying with laws in place that maintain the wellbeing and safety of residents and Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services issued a citation – one given when the state finds a facility unable to adequately protect residents. Cambridge Place disputed this but began to change its strategies – namely by firing the nurse’s aide and by introducing specific policy training. Cambridge Place is now in compliance with the law and when 100 of its residents were interviewed no further allegations were reported.

Statistics show that in 2013 36% of nursing homes in the United States were in violation of elderly abuse laws.

When a loved one has to enter a nursing home you want to make sure that they are properly looked after when you cannot be there to do so. If a caregiver has abused their position of trust, whether in a physical, sexual or mental capacity, then it can leave devastating consequences for the victim and their families.

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