About Nursing Home Malnutrition / Starvation Cases

Adequate nutrition is required for the body to function properly. Insufficient nutrition can take many forms. It can be caused by a resident’s inability to eat without assistance, an infection causing decreased appetite, or any number of other causes. Irrespective of the cause, a nursing home is required to assess a resident’s nutritional status, provide sufficient nutrition to residents, and seek medical intervention if a resident is receiving insufficient nutrition. A family might notice a resident who is receiving insufficient nutrition by observing wounds that are not healing, bruising, or, of course, weight loss and fatigue. When these issues arise, families should raise their concerns to the nursing staff promptly and insist that the issues be addressed.

We Handle Florida Nursing Home Malnutrition Cases

Brown Wharton & Brothers represents the victims of nursing home malnutrition in Florida and throughout the country. If your loved one has shown the signs of malnutrition, which include rapid weight loss, rapid changes in their health, or unexplained health issues or death, contact us to speak with an experienced nursing home malnutrition attorney.

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