Sexual Abuse

About Nursing Home Rape and Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

It is something that is almost too disturbing to believe. Yet, sexual abuse in nursing homes is an unfortunate and tragic reality. Whether the abuse occurs at the hand of a staff member or another resident, the impact on the abused resident is dramatic. In addition to the potential physical injuries at often result, this kind of abuse can result in further withdrawal and increased fear during the last part of a resident’s life. And more importantly, it can be prevented. With adequate supervision of the staff and residents, adequate investigations into the staff’s background, and intake investigations into potential new residents, sexual abuse of any kind should never happen in a nursing home. If you have seen bruising or notice increased withdrawal, your lived one may have been sexually assaulted. When that happens, nursing facilities must be held accountable.

We Handle Florida Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Cases

Brown Wharton & Brothers represents the victims of nursing home sexual abuse (and their families). If you believe your loved one may have been the victim of nursing home sexual abuse or rape, either by a nursing home employee or other nursing home resident and would like to discuss your potential case, contact us to speak with an experienced nursing home sexual abuse attorney.

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