17 Employees at One Nursing Home Fired for Their Part in Neglect Scandal

Apr 29, 2014

8 nurses and 9 nursing assistants who were employed at one nursing home have been charged with a variety of felony counts after allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect.

The 17 nurses and nurses’ aides have all been fired from their roles after it emerged that they were all somehow involved with neglecting a 56-year old patient at the HighPointe care facility in Buffalo, New York. HighPointe on Michigan is part of Kaleida health care and has been open since December 2011. The $64 million facility has 270 beds for residential health care patients.

The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed in order to protect his family’s privacy, suffered from the neurological disease Huntington’s chorea, leaving him completely bedridden and needing round-the-clock care and support from HighPointe staff.

Video footage from a hidden camera placed in the patient’s room unearthed a shocking pattern of neglect as investigations revealed the true extent of nurses ignoring their duties over and over again.

Nurses failed to give the patient pain medication or check on him. They failed to give him liquids or perform incontinent care. Disturbingly the nurses and their aides then falsified documents in an attempt to hide their failings and cover up their neglect.

The 17 fired employees, each aged between 20 and 60-years of age, could each face up to four years behind bars if convicted, which is the penalty for a class E felony – which falsifying business records, endangering the life of a disabled person and violating public health laws, are all classed under.

Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm is dedicated to bringing those who have been responsible for neglecting your loved one to justice. Brown Wharton & Brothers urges relatives of nursing home abuse and neglect victims to not stay silent if you believe that you have a case. Nursing home staff have a duty to look after patients and residents alike. However more often than not stories emerge of residents being made victims by the very people who should be looking after them. Do not stay silent if you believe that the negligence of another party has resulted in injuries to your loved one.