Administrators’ Charges Dropped in Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Case

Apr 02, 2014

The charges against two southern Indiana women have been dropped as a judge rules that they are not to be held accountable in a nursing home abuse and neglect case.

Katrina Patterson and Sheryl Rockett were working at the Providence Home Health Care Center in Jasper as the director and assistant director respectively. They were initially charged with failing to thoroughly investigate or report allegations of abuse that had taken place against a resident at the center. Four employees of the nursing home were charged with abuse but for their part Patterson and Rockett’s misdemeanor charges were dropped.

When family members make the decision along with their elderly relatives to choose a nursing home, there are a myriad of factors that will be important to them. As they decide which nursing home is right for them, the nursing home staff play a fundamental role in their decision making process. Nursing home staff, from caregivers to directors, are all in a position of trust.

In the above story it is clear that across the board that trust was broken.

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