Alleged Elder Abuse by a Husband and Wife in Massachusetts

Mar 04, 2014

A husband and wife have been charged with stealing money from an elderly man and his disabled daughter.

The Brockton Massachusetts couple allegedly stole thousands of pounds by opening a bank account using a forged signature, forging checks and stealing from an investment account.

Prisca Halaby, 35 and her 45-year old husband Dominique Halaby were arrested following the allegations where they are claimed to have stolen from a 92-year old man and his 62-year old disabled daughter. It was under the disabled woman’s name and with her forged signature that they opened an account at the Bank of America and began pouring thousands of dollars from a Fidelity investment account in place for the woman and her father into the new account. On top of this, they are also claimed to have forged countless checks including a $2,000 check for a wheelchair that was never purchased and have used the money for numerous trips to Haiti.

Statistics show that abuse and neglect have serious debilitating consequences on the emotional well-being of the victim.

 Elderly people who have faced some sort of abuse or neglect, no matter how serious or mild, have a 300% higher risk of death than those who haven’t.

It is no surprise that victims feel psychological distress for a significant amount of time after the abuse has occurred. The impact of abuse and neglect on the victim and their families is something that the partners at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm know all too well. The team work with compassion, having made nursing home abuse and neglect cases their field of expertise. This is how you know that by choosing Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm you are getting the most well-respected and experienced attorneys out there.