Alleged Nursing Home Abuse of Patient in Palliative Care Sees Three Former Caregivers Fired

Apr 14, 2014

Three care home workers have been charged with common assault after alleged nursing home abuse was reported to police in Calgary.

Maria Dumo, 36, Angelina Borja, 36, and May Casimero, 37 have all been fired from their jobs at the Carewest Garrison Green facility after a 90-year old resident in palliative care began to inform his family of alleged abuse that the three former care workers were inflicting on him. The elderly man began to tell his family of the issues in late 2013 and in February this year police were informed.

The allegations were investigated by the police elder abuse response team with the support of the facility and partners including Alberta Health, Protection for Persons in Care.

There are no initial indications that any other residents were victims of the three accused and no details have been revealed as of yet about what the abuse entails. 

Nursing home abuse is still rife within our communities and is recognized as a global issue. There is never an excuse for abusing an elderly person, but time and time again stories emerge of just that happening. For many victims’ families there is a feeling of helplessness when a case comes to light and a sense of loss of trust when an elderly person has been abused or neglected. For so many people, the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is not one that they take lightly, and therefore when there are allegations that nursing home staff have been the perpetrators of these horrendous crimes, there is a deep sense of sadness and anger.

If your loved one has been made a victim of abuse then Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm implores you to speak up and get legal help. By speaking out and seeking legal advice to bring those at fault to justice, then together we can strive to make the landscape of nursing home and care home facilities across the U.S. a safer place for elderly people.