California Nursing Home Assistant Accused of Elder Abuse After Allegedly Exposing Himself to Female Residents

Jun 04, 2014

A 57-year-old nursing home assistant has been accused of elder abuse in California.

Marlo Santos Quinton was arrested for exposing himself to two female residents at the Auburn Oaks Care Center and for kissing them against their will. The Auburn sheriff’s office investigated the allegations after the women reported him.

Quinton had been an employee of the care center for over 10 years. Colleagues say they find the allegations hard to believe but one of the victim’s sons, whose 81-year-old mother has been a resident at the facility for the same length of time, says that he is deeply disturbed by the claims.

Quinton, whose $50,000 bail was posted last week and who has subsequently been fired from his role, is married with children. The police reported that he was very cooperative during their investigations.

The Auburn Oaks Care Center is a 5-star quality home in the sleepy town of Auburn, California. They took immediate action and contacted the authorities when the allegations broke. They call this an “isolated case”.

Elder abuse in nursing homes is a serious problem in our nation. While there are many facilities that are good quality and well-managed, there are sadly also many that fall under the radar. Statistics show that 1 in every 3 homes has been cited in abuse allegations.

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