Carer Suspended After Video Footage Confirms Nursing Home Abuse

Jul 16, 2014

A former nurse who died in May 2014 was the victim of nursing home abuse caught on secret video camera by her relatives.

92-year-old Bridget Rees was secretly filmed being abused by carer Faderera Grace Bello while she was a resident at the Mary Seacole Nursing Home in north London, UK. Rees, who suffered with Alzheimer’s and needed round the clock care, was physically and emotionally abused by the staff member who has been suspended from her role and jailed for four months.

Rees’ daughter, 59-year-old Veronica Davis, is shocked by what she believes is a lenient sentence for what the 54-year-old care worker put her mother through.

In October 2013 bruises were found on Rees’ arm by her family. When their concerns were raised with the nursing home’s management they blamed the bruising on the medication that Rees was taking. Then on December 6th 2013 Bello was spotted verbally abusing Rees. This prompted the family to install secret video cameras in Rees’ room to catch any signs of abuse.

Footage shows Bello manhandling Rees and poking her in the face and head. She yells at the elderly lady repeatedly to “shut up” and “shut your mouth”. The tapes were shown to nursing home management and then to the police who immediately arrested the suspended carer.

If you have a suspicion that a loved one at a nursing home is being neglected or abused then speak out to the relevant authorities so that investigations can begin. If one elderly resident is being abused then sadly this might mean that others have been made victims too. Do not hesitate to speak to an experienced nursing home law firm like Brown Wharton & Brothers. By going to a specialist team over a general lawyer then you can guarantee that you are getting the right support to bring those negligent parties to justice.