Case of Identity Theft and Financial Elder Abuse Carried Out By Victim’s Own Relative

Dec 31, 2013

An Oregon man has come to the aid of his elderly neighbor after he suspected that she was being conned by a relative that was staying with her in a cruel elder abuse case.

79-year old widow Viola Wharton was living in the town of Sandy when she kindly allowed her ex-daughter-in-law to move in with her. 47-year old Jacki-Lynn Newman was living with Wharton for 6 months when her neighbor, 27-year old Cody Giusto suspected that something was not right. He began to try and contact Wharton on the phone and in person, to find out what was going on, but every time he tried to enter the house Newman would block his entry or make excuses for why her ex-mother-in-law was unavailable, saying that Wharton was ill or sleeping.

As well as being her neighbor, Giusto was also Wharton’s insurance agent who was notified that Wharton hadn’t paid her home insurance and that her policy had been cancelled. Giusto decided to take action and went to Wharton’s house, pushing past Newman, to finally talk to her in person.

In discussion it came out that Wharton had no idea what was going on (she thought her policy was still in place) but she maintained that she had enough money to restore the policy. In fact when Giusto questioned Wharton they found that all her money had been drained, there were multiple cash withdrawals, multiple online purchases and cash had gone missing from her wallet. Financial paperwork had also gone missing and her credit card was overdrawn to the point that it had been cancelled. It then emerged that Newman had access to Wharton’s pin number and debit card. Adult Protective Services were called in and paid a visit to the house, asking Newman to leave and taking out a restraining order against her.

Financial elder abuse is a serious and debilitating crime. Many elderly people put their trust into a friend or family member to help with their finances. But all too often stories emerge of elderly victims being tricked and their accounts being taken over all too easily. If you’re loved one has been taken in by a cruel financial or fraudulent scam then there may be a catalog of further abuse that has gone amiss. It is important that after contacting the police, the money that is lost is rightfully regained. Although no amount of cash can restore a person’s well being, it is important to bring those in the wrong to justice. No other attorneys understand that better than the lawyers at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm. The team of dedicated nursing home abuse lawyers are some of the most nationally recognized and trusted, ready to fight to win your case.