CORI Checks Could Keep Elderly Nursing Home Residents Safe

Mar 04, 2014

The Vice Chairman of the Middleboro selectmen in Massachusetts is pushing for all care workers in the state to be CORI checked before entering into work.

Allin Frawley’s comments have come after an elderly woman was found neglected in the town of Stoughton. She had bedsores, was malnourished and was found shoved into a cramped room, in a state that police described as the worst they had ever seen.

This comes on top of other stories that have emerged in the past few years, including a financial abuse case of an Alzheimer’s patient in the Oak Point assisted living facility in Middleboro. This care home is run for the over 55 community and houses 1,000 residents. Since the story emerged, checks were made that revealed that none of the care workers who worked there had been CORI checked.

CORI stands for Criminal Offender Record Information and is a report containing information about whether a person has been charged with a crime in the state, regardless of whether they were found guilty or not. Allin Frawley believes that by checking everyone who works in a residential home, it will keep elderly residents safe.

Elder abuse cases are sadly not uncommon. Each year there are countless stories that emerge of an elderly nursing home resident or patient who has been abused or neglected in some way, often by those whom they trust. There are a myriad of case types that the lawyers at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm represent, and the experienced and professional attorneys know that no two cases are the same. They work tirelessly for your case, determining how best they can take your case to court and win.