County Officials Warn Residents to Stay Alert after Two Separate Elder Abuse Cases in Oklahoma

May 20, 2014

Two people have been arrested in one week in Marshall County, southern Oklahoma on separate elder abuse charges.

The first was 20-year-old Lexus Davis who was arrested for felony aggravated assault and battery on an elderly person after she beat her elderly grandmother following an argument over money. Davis physically assaulted the woman who was already in poor health due to suffering from cancer. The attack put the elderly woman in hospital where she remains.

Another case saw an 80-year-old man abused by his own son, 49-year-old Ronald Gilmore, after an argument that also stemmed from money. The 80-year-old had recently undergone a triple heart bypass operation and was in an already fragile state before his son physically attacked him demanding money.

Now police in the Marshall County area are encouraging residents to keep an eye on any elderly people who they think might not be receiving proper care. They also implore any people to contact the police directly if they suspect any abuse or neglect.

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