Daughter Charged with being Responsible for own Mother’s Death in Shocking California Elder Abuse Case

Apr 14, 2014

A woman has been charged with elder abuse against her own mother in a case that has shocked the community of Riverside, California.

58-year old Linda Maureen Raye from the county of San Bernardino was charged with murder and elder abuse against her 85-year old mother who died while in her daughter’s care.

Linda was the paid in-home caregiver to her mother who was found in November 2012 with harrowing injuries. The elderly woman was taken to Riverside Community Hospital via ambulance after she was found unresponsive one day. Doctors at the hospital uncovered a catalog of issues and abuse that were deemed to be at the hands of her own daughter, Linda.

The elderly lady had severely infected and open wounds that caused the septic shock that doctors determined were the cause of her death. Her daughter had failed to properly treat the open wounds herself, despite having been trained specifically in wound care. She also failed to  inform any healthcare authority that the woman had open wounds when they became infected. Linda is now being held in a detention center on bail.

Elder abuse is a shocking crime. When the abuser is a member of the victim’s own family the situation can take on an even more cruel and morbid twist.

Neglect and abuse in any form, as shown in this case, can cause serious consequences for the elderly victim and often elderly people never recover from what they have been through. A serious betrayal of trust, elder abuse in our communities is something that we must be vigilant against.

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Daughter Charged With Elder Abuse, Murder in 85-Year-Old Mother’s Death