Elder Abuse Case Takes A Further Sinister Tone As Family Members Charged With Attempted Murder

Sep 23, 2014

Two of the five people arrested for elder abuse and neglect in Madison, W. Virginia have now also been charged with attempted murder after a shocking discovery by police officials in the city.

Regina Meadows, 41, and Elizabeth Austin, 35 were found to be giving too much valium to the elderly relative they were in charge of caring for, seemingly to make the victim pass out. They continued to give the elderly victim a higher dose of the drug even after strict medical advice against it.

The two, along with three other members of their family, have been arrested in Boone County after allegedly taking advantage of the woman. They racked up more that $70,000 in debt using her details fraudulently.

Elder abuse is a serious issue in the U.S. Often it emerges that the very people who should be caring for elderly patients are those who are exploiting, neglecting or abusing them. Elder abuse takes on many forms, not only physical but also emotional and financial.

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