Elder Abuse Victim Dies Before Verdict Heard in Savannah, Georgia

Jun 19, 2014

A Savannah, Georgia woman has died before she could hear the verdict against her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend in a shocking elder abuse case.

70-year-old Caroline Louise Thomas died before she heard her daughter, 48-year-old Maria Daphne Wiggins, be sentenced to 20 years in prison with six to serve. Her boyfriend, 52-year-old Michael Victor Nesmith, was sentenced to 20 years with eight to serve.

Thomas died May 27th while at Riverview Health & Rehabilitation Center where she begged to be housed after leaving hospital. She had been taken there after EMS contacted Garden City police who investigated the allegations of abuse. The abuse that Thomas had suffered at the hands of her own daughter was so brutal that she was too afraid to return to her Garden City home where she had lived for 30 years.

Wiggins and Nesmith, both unemployed, had taken over Thomas’ house. They kept Thomas in a stifling hot room, locked away from other family members. They sold her belongings and rinsed her bank accounts. They boarded the windows to her room and replaced her bed with a dirty, soiled mattress. Cockroaches, feces and bugs littered the room where she was kept without food for days on end. When the money dried up, the physical abuse started. Finally in June 2012 Thomas was taken to hospital following EMS’s visit to the home and freed her from the cruelty and exploitation that she had endured.

Sadly statistics show that more times than not those who abuse the elderly are their own family members. Often victims are too afraid to speak out meaning that countless elder abuse cases go unreported every single year. In this case, Thomas was so afraid to speak out for fear of being beaten, she kept quiet and begged not to return to her own home.

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