Elderly Nursing Home Dementia Patient Allegedly Suffers at the Hands of Careworker

Apr 08, 2014

A case is underway of a 27-year old woman who has been arrested on suspicion of assault and neglect.

Tonya Harlos was working at the Guardian Elder Care Center in Newport Township, Pennsylvania where the allegations are meant to have happened. When reports were first brought to the attention of the police last June, Harlos was caring for an elderly dementia patient at the home. The case alleges that the patient, who doctors have said can still accurately identify workers though she suffers with the memory loss disease, had a fight with Harlos. Harlos grabbed her arm, bruising her in the process. Harlos then covered her face with a pillow before stealing one of the patient’s dolls and leaving.

However the other side of the story paints a very different picture. An 82-year old who lives next door to Harlos says that she is nothing but nice to him and he says he could never imagine her to do such a thing. Harlos maintains that the patient had tried to bite and punch her which was why she held down her arms; for protection.

It remains to be seen how investigations will pan out in this abuse case, but for the time being it brings to light the ever increasing problems in nursing homes around the nation.

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Nursing Home Employee Charged with Assault