Elderly Nursing Home Resident Abused By Facility Employee

Apr 29, 2014

A nursing home patient and her family are suing a facility in Orange County, California after allegations of physical abuse by an employee.

Carla Cranford was admitted to the Aliso Viejo Courtyard Healthcare Center in March 2014 for rehabilitation following hip replacement surgery. Three weeks after she had been at the facility her family came to visit her and were shocked to hear her allegations of being physically abused by a member of staff. Mrs. Crawford claims that she was assaulted by the employee who had entered her room and violently pulled her right leg causing her a great deal of pain in her recently operated hip. She also claims that the employee punched her as she cried out in pain.

When Mrs. Cranford tried to report the incident to another member of staff she was promised that the abuser would not enter her room again. Instead, she was shocked to see her attacker come into her room the next day to bring her food and feed her.

Scared and worried, Mrs. Cranford told her family of the issues. They asked the head nurse for a copy of the incident report and asked them to contact the police. When a staff member failed to do so, instead stalling for time with excuses of having to follow protocol before notifying the authorities, a member of Mrs. Cranford’s family called them herself. It then emerged in front of officers that no such incident report procedure existed at the facility.

Now Mrs. Crawford and her family are suing the Covenant Care California LLC, the manager of Courtyard Healthcare Center in Aliso Viejo, for elder abuse, negligence, assault and battery, as well as negligent hiring and supervision.

Allegations of cutting costs have emerged which put the home in the firing line. The lawsuit states that had the facility invested time and money in more rigorous background checks for their employees then they would know who the unfit members of staff were. Instead, by glazing over the fact that there were unsavory members of staff employed by them, they let their standards of care drop.

Nursing home abuse is a very real problem amongst elderly patients in the US. Nursing home staff at every level have a duty to ensure that facilities are safe for patients and residents. Instead elder abuse claims emerge all too frequently and sadly elderly people become victims.

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