Elderly Veteran Dies in Hospital – Elder Neglect Case

Jul 22, 2014

A 93-year-old former WWII soldier who was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor died after being neglected in a hospital in Kent, UK in June.

Frank Foster, a veteran who served in the Second World War, was admitted to Tunbridge Wells Hospital in May this year for ongoing care of his brain tumor diagnosis. He was both blind and deaf and relied heavily on the nurses at the facility. His daughter Joanne Fowler, 57, discovered the disturbing conditions that her father, a grandfather of four, had been left in when she went to visit him.

First Ms Fowler found her father sitting on a hospital toilet covered in dried feces. Family members had to clean Mr Foster themselves. His buzzer was ignored and a doctor was not called for hours.

The conditions didn’t improve. On another occasion Ms Fowler found her father lying in his own urine, naked. He was distressed and crying out in pain. He had torn his clothes off from the agony he was in. He was being blatantly ignored by hospital staff. When his daughter complained about the conditions they threatened to have her removed.

Ms Fowler made the decision to take pictures and record audio footage of what was going on. All of the evidence collected by her will go to form part of the ongoing investigation into the nurses who failed the elderly may man so terribly. Sadly Mr Foster died on June 13th leaving his 83-year-old wife behind.

Elder neglect is a serious issue in nursing homes and hospitals alike. Elderly patients are some of the most vulnerable and need the support of dedicated and properly trained staff. Sadly however as in the above story, not all hospital staff members provide the adequate support that is needed. Neglect of the elderly can cause serious injuries and in some cases even death. If you know that your elderly relative has been a victim of abuse or neglect then contact the Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm today for professional advice about what to do. The team are focused and sensitive and ready to take on the biggest of defendants in your potential case.