Elderly Woman Neglected By Own Daughter in Brutal Elder Abuse Case

Apr 08, 2014

A 51-year old woman has been charged with neglecting her elderly mother in a shocking elder abuse case.

Living in the town of Napier, New Zealand, Joanne Quinn was her mother’s sole caregiver for almost 5 years. The 82-year old elderly woman needed round the clock care as she suffered with type two diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Quinn contacted a medical center which prompted a doctor and nurse to pay a home visit. When the medical center professionals called into the house they found a terrible state, in what was described by police as the worst case of elder abuse they had ever seen.

The elderly woman’s legs were covered with abscesses and maggot infested sores. She was covered in dried faeces and was severely dehydrated. Fused onto the couch, wrapped in a blanket with her foot stuck to a footstool, she had been trying but failing to get up at night while her daughter was asleep. Her swollen and ulcerated leg was covered in rotten skin that witnesses from the ambulance service stated smelt awful and looked even worse. The elderly woman had been wearing diapers and was weak. Investigations later discovered that she had been left on the couch in this state for at least 3 years. Paramedics and doctors rushed the 82-year old woman to the Hawke’s Bay Hospital Hospital with severe pneumonia and in a state of neglect.

Sadly, she died 6 weeks later.

This tragic and gruesome story is an example of serious elder abuse and shows how vulnerable elderly people are. To be neglected for 5 long years is a truly heinous crime. Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm have extensive experience representing cases of abuse and neglect including bedsore cases. If you need a dedicated lawyer, one who is sensitive to your family’s needs, then contact the Brown Wharton & Brothers team today.