Elderly Woman’s Niece Steals Items Worth $15,000 in Elder Abuse Case

Feb 10, 2014

An elderly lady has come forward to report her own niece in an elder abuse case in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, highlighting the risk that vulnerable elderly people face every day.

92-year old Claylie Evans was hosting her niece who came to stay with her for 4 days at her home in Cabarrus County. During that time, her niece took 2 rings from Claylie’s own hands and a large amount of sterling silver went missing from the drawers. In total the value of the items came to an estimated $15,000. Claylie states that she heard her niece say as she left the house “I got everything I came for”. Her niece has not been seen since.

Elder abuse is a serious problem in the United States. As in this story, the abuser is often someone that the victim knows, in fact approximately 90% of abusers are family members such as older children. Abuse in any form that occurs to an elderly person can have serious debilitating consequences.

Elderly people who have been a victim of abuse in any form have a 300% higher risk of death.

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