Global Nursing Home Crisis Puts Thousands of Residents at Risk

Jan 08, 2014

Nursing home abuse has become a worldwide issue with the World Health Organization recognizing elder abuse as a serious epidemic of our time.

Dangerously underreported, nursing home abuse can be at the hands of someone that the victim trusts the most. What is even more disturbing is that it is not just something that happens in our nation but all over the world.

Recently a nursing home abuse case has emerged at a London care facility where a woman who has been accused of violating her status as a nurse has committed a string of offenses against the elderly residents.

53-year old Osironke Olugbile originally from Nigeria has been fired from her role after subjecting vulnerable residents at the Collingwood Court Nursing Center in south-west London, England to meditated and serious abuse. Some of the senseless acts she committed included pulling a patient’s hair in the middle of an argument and barricading other patients into a ward so that she was not disturbed by them. She was also found guilty of turning off patients’ call bells meaning that if they were in distress no one would be able to hear and attend to them.

Other offenses included putting fully clothed patients into bed and inviting male friends to her place of work late at night. Olugbile was also prone to shouting at residents. The nurse showed no remorse when her crimes were exposed and instead denied any wrongdoing by blaming others.

The risk that she put these patients in and the neglect that she showed is sadly not uncommon both in the UK and the U.S.

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