Justice For Estate of Man Who Died When Nursing Home Staff Failed Him

Jan 22, 2014

A family has been awarded $400,000 in the nursing home neglect case of a 101-year old man who died while living at the Capitol Hill Nursing Home in Montgomery Alabama.

John A. Garrett’s family was awarded the sum after the elderly man died of aspiration pneumonia in the wrongful death suit.  The judge ruled in favor of the family who claimed that the nurses at the home had been negligent in their care and provided substandard levels of service in looking after Garrett.

Garrett was admitted to the nursing home with a feeding tube with instructions that his head should be elevated at all times so that the formula being fed through the tube would stay in his stomach. What horrified family friends came to see when they visited Garrett was that his head was flat and formula was coming out of his mouth. He was taken immediately to a hospital. Doctors found that he had the feeding formula in his lungs. He died four days later as a result of this.

Only one month after Garrett was taken to the Capitol Hill Nursing Home he was pronounced dead. He had bedsores by the time he left. The failure by the nurses to keep his bed elevated had severe consequences. This unforgivable abuse of trust and evidence of terrible care is sadly not uncommon in the United States.


Around the country there are stories of nurses and caregivers who abuse their position or who are just not qualified to look after elderly patients.

Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm are on hand to ensure that justice prevails in nursing home abuse cases. The attorneys understand the complexities of these cases and work hard alongside victims and their families to bring those at fault to justice.