Korean War Veterans’ Families Fight Against Long Island Nursing Home

Mar 10, 2014

The families of two Korean war veterans who were residents at the Suffolk Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Long Island are fighting for justice following their deaths.

The families of Thomas Bischoff and Raymond Curiale are devastated by the loss of the two elderly men, who they believe were neglected for so long that it resulted in their deaths last year.

Former soldier Thomas Bischoff was 74-years old when he died in March 2013 from a septic infection that had spread through his entire body. He had been a resident at the Suffolk Center for a number of years. When he died his backside was covered in pressure ulcers so deep that a human hand could fit inside the hole they left. His medical records showed that his bedsores caused the septic infection that lead to the attack on his respiratory system – which in turn resulted in him going into cardiac arrest and dying.

Four months after Bischoff sadly passed away, another veteran Raymond Curiale suffered an equally tragic fate. Brought into the home suffering from dementia, staff were made aware of Curiale’s care plan which said clearly that he needed to be monitored every 15 minutes. The Department of Health inspection report stated however that the last time he was supervised was at 1.15pm on the day he died – a full 57 minutes after he was found with no pulse. He was slumped in his wheelchair after he had accidentally hanged himself and choked to death trying to get out of the chair’s restraint.

The Suffolk Center has 120 short and long term residents that they are under obligation to care for around the clock. But in May 2013 another death occurred inside the walls of the center, when a rehab patient overdosed three times on narcotic painkillers. The resident was 56-years old when he died.

These tragic and shocking stories highlight the state of New York’s stance on the level of care that nursing home patients should receive. In fact New York is one of the few states that has no law establishing a minimum number of assistants per nursing home resident.

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