Man Accused of Raping a 92-Year Old Ohio Nursing Home Patient

Dec 31, 2013

A West Chester Ohio man has been formally charged with raping a 92-year old care home resident in the city of Deer Park.

22-year old Samuel Onyenweaku has been fired from his job as a nurse’s aide at Amber Park Nursing Home and arrested and charged with rape, felonious assault and sexually abusing a patient.

This shocking case begins before 5am one night in November when a nurse tried to make her way into an elderly female patient’s room. The nurse found the door locked, which is unusual at the home. When the nurse unlocked the door what she found was a disturbing scene. The elderly patient was in her bed, with her nightgown around her waist and no undergarments on. Men’s clothes were found strewn along the floor and Onyenweaku was found in the resident’s private bathroom.

The nurse called 911 and Deer Park police quickly made their way to the scene to begin their investigation. The victim was taken to UC Medical Center to be examined and treated. She is now in the Cincinnati Hospice.

Onyenweaku was arrested and is held in Hamilton County Justice Center waiting to be sentenced. If convicted he could face up to 19 and a half years in prison for his crimes.

Sexual abuse of an elderly patient is one of the most disturbing things to happen in our nation’s nursing homes. However shockingly it is becoming more and more common a story in the news. The trauma that stays with an elderly resident if they have been sexually abused can root itself far deeper than any physical scars and bruises. The impact can be life changing for all those involved. The team at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm represent victims and their families in a compassionate and professional way. They understand the range of emotions that will be in play when a loved one has been sexually abused and they are on hand to answer any questions you have. The Brown Wharton & Brothers team are well respected and experienced and are ready to be your nursing home abuse lawyer today.