May is Elder Abuse Prevention Month – Harris County Raises Awareness

May 13, 2014

As May is Elder Abuse Prevention Month, Harris County prepares to educate the communities in and around Houston on just how serious an issue elder abuse is.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Adult Protective Services and Clear Channel have come together to highlight the issue of elder abuse with a series of billboards and videos raising awareness of the epidemic.

According to 2010 census information, 8.1% of the population in Harris County is 65 or older, one of the highest percentages in the state. As the elderly population continues to grow the onus is on regular members of the community to be vigilant to any cases of abuse or neglect that they suspect.

Six billboards, in both English and Spanish, will go up above major roadways in Harris County until the end of the month. It is hoped that by making people aware of the issues they can spot signs such as unexplained injuries and monitor treatment of any elderly relatives who are in nursing homes. The scheme is aiming to educate the community to crack down on both financial and physical abuse.

Adult Protective Services investigated 8,000 elder abuse cases in Harris County last year.

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