Training Rolled Out Across Wisconsin County To Educate Community On How To Spot Elder Abuse

Jan 31, 2014

Residents in a county in Wisconsin have come together to develop a training program aimed at educating people in the community about elder abuse.

A problem rife in our towns and cities, elder abuse refers to any abuse or neglect against an elderly person whether they live alone, with their family or in a nursing home or assisted facility.

Recognized as a global problem, elder abuse is sadly all too common in our communities but the Vernon County Department of Human Services has teamed up with the Elder Abuse/Adult-At-Risk Interdisciplinary Team to develop this manual to highlight the problems of abuse and neglect that can occur to elders and also vulnerable young adults.

The training manual sets out a way for people to recognize warning signs and additionally lets people know how best to act on things they may have witnessed, including how to report crimes against vulnerable elderly or younger adults.

Neighbor Care, which is the name it is being launched under, is also being rolled out as one hour training sessions for groups or organizations who want to learn about these issues and how they affect the wider community.

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