Nursing Home Abuse Allegation in Andover, Kansas Sparks Police Investigations

May 20, 2014

A surprise visit to a Kansas nursing home facility has sparked an investigation and subsequent arrests following abuse allegations.

Reports to the Andover police department in November 2013 of alleged nursing home abuse led to an investigation which revealed substandard quality of care and serious nursing home abuse allegations at the Victoria Falls Assisted Living facility in the city of Andover.

Serious abuse claims committed by at least four members of staff at the facility were unearthed following an unannounced survey conducted by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, including allegations of verbal and physical abuse. A 150-page report was released soon after by the facility outlining the routes they would take to fix the problems that the facility had faced.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid also fined Victoria Falls more than $155,800 and an additional $1,000 per day until they are back in compliance. The facility has been given six months to comply with the recommendations that were made to improve conditions otherwise it will be terminated from the Medicare program.

CEO of the facility, Dennis Bush, has also come forward to ensure current and future residents that they are conducting their own investigation into the allegations to ensure that all questions and concerns are answered. So far one employee has been fired and another two suspended.

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Shocking allegations of abuse at Andover nursing home