Nursing Home Abuse Victims and Families Receive Apology from Care Facility

May 07, 2014

Two people have admitted to abusing dementia patients at a nursing home facility in the UK.

Chevonne Benson, 23, and William Bowman, 22, were caregivers at the Beacon Edge Nursing Home when they verbally and physically abused residents over a 6 month period. It was only when another carer reported the abuse that the true extent of their disgusting crimes was unearthed.

In one incident both pulled the hair of a 96-year old resident and in another Benson told one woman she would be evicted from the home for not paying the rent.

Another former employee, 21-year old Claire Strong, has also been charged with ill treating and neglecting residents. At one point Bowan violated one woman’s privacy by getting into bed with her while Benson took a photo.

BUPA, the company who runs the home, have apologized to families.

Nursing home abuse is sadly not uncommon around the world. Year on year statistics show that the level of care in homes is not improving. Sadly, no matter how well maintained a home appears to be, reports of abuse and neglect often still surface. Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm are on hand to ensure that no-one remains a victim. The attorneys know what a difficult time it can be for victims and their families but they are determined to bring those negligent parties to justice. You can read more here about how Brown Wharton & Brothers can help you.