Nursing Home Abuse Victim’s Family Call For Video Cameras to be Installed in All Nursing Homes

Jul 08, 2014

The family of an 89-year-old nursing home abuse victim are campaigning for video cameras to be compulsory in all nursing homes across the country.

Ivy Robinson was a patient at Oakfoss House Residential Care Home in Pontefract, UK. A dementia sufferer, Ivy’s family had put their trust in the staff at Oakfoss, which is owned by Denestar, to properly care for the elderly lady.

However Ivy’s family suspected that all was not right with the care that Ivy was receiving at the nursing home and when their suspicions fell on deaf ears they decided to take matters into their own hands by installing a secret video camera in her room. What they discovered was a terrible betrayal of Ivy’s trust by the people who should have been looking after her.

Senior carer Emma Bryan was filmed called Ivy a “nasty old cow” and a “horrible old lady”. In the footage she is seen forcing medication into Ivy’s mouth with a syringe and slapping her hand. Filmed in November 2011 over a five day period the footage also shows carer Katherine Wallis involved in the abuse. Bryan was jailed for four months while Wallis was given a 12-month community order.

Ivy’s family received an undisclosed out of court settlement amount from Denestar but the family want cameras to be installed so that families can see the true picture of what goes on inside homes across the country.

The issue of cameras in nursing homes is a debate that rages on between nursing home companies and families of nursing home residents. Nursing home staff highlight invasion of privacy as a reason why cameras should not be allowed in homes but for many families of particularly vulnerable nursing home residents the cameras act as a guarantee that their loved ones are safe.

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