Nursing Home Employees Fired For Filming Abuse on Mobile Phone

May 07, 2014

A Framingham, Massachusetts woman has told police that she filmed herself and another employee abusing nursing home residents for fun.

18-year old certified nursing assistant Damaris Diaz told police that she thought the actions of her and Samuel Ayekple aged 25 were “funny” as both have been arrested following the revelations. Both were employees at Emeritus at Farm Pond in Framingham, a care facility for the elderly.

Though a police report failed to say what led officers to begin an investigation, video footage was found on Diaz’s phone showing the abuse, both verbal and physical, that was carried out by the pair. Among the victims were a 78-year old woman who Diaz hit on the arms, flicked on the ears and pitched on the nose. Diaz then wiped mucus from the woman’s nose into the woman’s mouth.

Another victim was a 71-year old man with Alzheimer’s who Ayekple slapped repeatedly in the face and shoulders, nearly knocking him over. Amongst the videos of the above abuse pictures were also found on Diaz’s phone of a partially nude 89-year old man who was also a resident of the facility.

They have both been charged and both have been fired from their roles and ordered to keep away from the residents of the facility.

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