Nursing Home in California Under Fire for Catalog of Neglect

Jan 22, 2014

An assisted living facility that was put up for sale last month is being taken to court for not one, but three elder abuse cases.

The Breakers at Long Beach in California is a care home situated in the Breakers Hotel building, a 14-storey monument that has been placed on the market for an asking price of $65 million. But now, amidst the selling of this building, a jury has found The Breakers to be at fault in the case of a woman who received a painful spinal injury while staying at the facility. They had to pay approximately $400,000 to the woman who was left with the injury after falling at the facility.

Shockingly, another two elder abuse cases have also emerged as having been filed against The Breakers, both involving residents who died after allegedly receiving improper care from staff.

Complaints in the cases that have come to light include improper and untimely care, cuts and fractures from falls that happened on site and lack of information taken to document specific patients’ care needs.

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