Nursing Home Resident Victim of Brutal Rape Attack in Elder Abuse Case

Feb 24, 2014

A 30-year old man has been found guilty of raping an 89-year old woman in Minnesota.

Andrew Scott Merzwski has been sentenced to almost four and a half years in prison to serve punishment for his heinous crime.

In a disturbing turn of events however, the nursing home facility where the incident took place, turned on the victim, branding her a “flirt” and a “tease”, defending Merzwski even after he had admitted to committing the crime.

The Edgewood Vista facility in Hermantown where this brutal act took place, were found responsible for mercilessly locking the victim in a psychiatric ward for 3 days while they  investigated the attack. The 89-year old had reported the shocking incident a day after it happened to her visiting daughter who called the police.

Andrew Scott Merzwski worked as a caretaker at the home when he assaulted the woman one night in January 2013. He advanced on her after she had kindly offered that they sit down to watch a movie. He started by taking his clothes off and then had sex with the woman, while she reportedly said no. After the attack he admitted that the sex had taken place and a full rape examination took place.

However the home’s supervisor and clinical services director, Marilyn Moore began her vile attack on the victim, who she said consented to what happened between them, and who locked the victim in a cold dark room, according to nurse examiner Theresa Flesvig.

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