Preventable Pressure Ulcers Found to be Cause of Death in Texas Nursing Home Abuse Case

Jan 17, 2014

A Central Texas man who was admitted to Regent Care Center in September 2012 has died from severe bedsore wounds following months of negligent care after he was admitted to the center following a fall at his home.

81-year old Lawrence Buice fell so badly in December 2011 that he needed 24 hour care. His family decided that the Regent Care Center was the right place for Lawrence, but a chain of events after he was admitted to the center have left his family struggling to understand what went wrong and are now filing a wrongful death suit against the nursing home staff.

Lawrence Buice suffered with Alzheimer’s, a debilitating disease that leaves patients vulnerable and dependent on those around them to help with even the most basic of daily tasks. In addition to his deteriorating mental health problems he also suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Lawrence’s granddaughter, his wife and his two are sons are seeking an unspecified amount as they allege that it was the negligence of the care center staff that brought an end to their father.

Lawrence suffered with pressure ulcers that were left untreated for so long that they killed him. Pressure ulcers or bedsores, are a preventable condition that with the right course of treatment can be avoided.

Instead of seeing through a plan straightaway to install a pressure-reducing device and to frequently turn Lawrence, the staff waited and the ulcers worsened. His family are alleging that the staff were not adequately trained and that their negligence caused the unnecessary and untimely death of Lawrence Buice.

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