Senior Care Worker Charged With Nursing Home Abuse of Dementia Patients

Sep 30, 2014

A 45-year-old senior care worker from the city of Salisbury, UK has been found guilty of five counts of ill-treatment of a number of elderly dementia patients in a shocking nursing home abuse case. 

Agneszkia Sztokmanska was an employee of Milford Manor Care Home for over 12 years when in March last year her employers reported her to the local police after a number of concerns were raised in her treatment of the elderly patients she was hired to look after.

An investigation unearthed a torrent of abusive incidents including pulling residents’ hair, punching residents, throwing shoes at patients and verbally abusing them including calling them “idiots”. A number of Sztokmanska’s co-workers were called to give evidence at the woman’s trial.

If you know that your loved has been mistreated while in a nursing home then you should contact the relevant authorities to investigate and put a stop to what is happening. Following this you should contact a respected law firm like Brown Wharton & Brothers for sound legal advice about how to bring those who are to blame to justice. Read more here about the signs to look out for if you believe that your loved one is being abused or neglected. Nursing home abuse is something that together we need to stamp out of our care facilities across the U.S.