Son and Daughter Charged With Elder Abuse After Mother Found Neglected

Jul 29, 2014

A son and daughter have been arrested on charges of elder abuse and neglect after hospice workers found their mother with serious injuries including a rotting leg in Memphis, Tennessee.

Staff members from Crossroads Hospice were first called to the home of Rose Fayne after she contacted them asking for help with her 77-year-old mother Betty Cleveland. When employees arrived to help they were shocked to find the condition Betty was in. Her legs were rotting from the inside and had burst open. She also had other marks and bruises on her body. Staff members immediately called the police and ambulance services. Betty was taken to Methodist North Hospital, where sadly she died from her injuries.

Rosa Fayne and her brother Rodney Cleveland both from Memphis were arrested following the discovery and charged with elder abuse and neglect. Neighbors commented that they had no idea Betty was staying at the residence with her children.

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