Staff Member Exposes Nursing Home Abuse After Installing Secret Video Camera

Jul 02, 2014

A nurse who caught a repairman abusing a nursing home resident by placing a secret camera in the victim’s room has been praised for her tenacity in taking matters into her own hands after her suspicions against the man were initially dismissed.

The nurse, who works at the Westbank Care Home in Maidstone, UK, went to her manager after she suspected 66-year-old nursing home janitor Michael Fleming of wrongdoing after seeing him acting suspiciously and zipping up his pants after leaving the patient’s room. Her suspicions were dismissed by her boss.

Undeterred, the nurse placed a secret video surveillance camera in the patient’s room, catching Fleming on video. The footage, filmed in September last year over a few days, showed Fleming putting his hand down the patient’s nightclothes and touching them for around 30 seconds before rearranging their clothes and leaving the room. He pleaded guilty to five counts of abuse over a four month period and was jailed for three years.

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