Supervisor Charged For Failing to Report Nursing Home Abuse in Georgia

Jun 24, 2014

Two nursing home employees have been arrested in Thomasville, Georgia in connection with an elder abuse case that has recently come to light.

The Southern Pines Senior Living Facility has been the setting for the abuse scandal which broke out last week following a notification to the authorities even though the alleged abuse happened over a month ago. Thomasville Police Dept. have charged 25-year-old Southern Pines employee Shauntavia Bates and her supervisor Stacey Sams over the allegations.

A witness described how they heard the 81-year-old victim, a resident at the facility, cry out for help before seeing Bates spray water on the resident and in their mouth, before hitting them. She has been charged with one count of elder abuse. 45-year-old Stacey Sams turned herself in after failing to report the elder abuse allegations when she found out about them. The investigation continues.

Nursing home staff have a duty of care no matter what role they play in helping the elderly. Caregivers, nurses and management are all expected to support elderly residents and ensure that they are free from harm. Sadly, as in the above case, so many staff members fail in their duties in so many ways. Not reporting an elder abuse case is just as heinous an act as being a part of the abuse itself. Abuse and neglect will continue to happen if individuals do not speak out against those parties who harm the elderly.

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