The Challenges of Finding the Right Nursing Home For Your Loved One

Jan 08, 2014

When the decision is made to put a loved elderly relative into a nursing home, the daunting process of choosing the right home begins.

It is important for those who are left with making the decision to be informed of all the facts about the nursing homes they are considering so that their loved one can spend their days feeling safe and happy in the right place.

Increasingly in our nation and beyond nursing home abuse is on the rise and 1 in 3 nursing homes around the United States have been cited as being involved in some degree of neglect or abuse. 

When someone is unable to live independently and needs round the clock assistance for even the most basic daily activities, a colossal amount of trust is placed into the hands of carers by the elderly resident and their family.

While friends or relatives may give you recommendations, scoping out facilities for yourself is key. Knowing about any prior instances or allegations of abuse or neglect in a nursing home that you are considering will keep you informed. Additionally it is important to find the nursing home that will give the right level and right kind of care for your loved one.

The Nursing Home Compare website that is provided by Medicare gives ratings on most of the facilities in the United States but finding government sources is also important to ensure that there is no information left out. The website also gives information about previous inspections that have been conducted. Visiting particular residences that you are interested in will also help make your decision; whether it be by seeing the staff or the facilities.

Nursing home abuse is a sensitive and complex issue, one that may be difficult for the victim to talk about. It is crucial that any warning signs are picked up on by talking and asking questions. If your relative has been complaining about a particular person, or they have become subdued then this can act as a warning flag. Furthermore if they have telltale signs such as bruises, marks or bedsores then it is important to speak up.

Getting the right legal help is imperative as nursing home abuse cases can be challenging and complex. The partners at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm know first hand how devastating it is to learn that a loved one is being abused. They are aware that the issue is sensitive and disturbing, no matter what type of abuse has been happening. A dedicated team of  nursing home abuse lawyers, Brown Wharton & Brothers are ready to answer any questions to help you get justice for a loved one.