Two Teenage Girls Suspects in Nursing Home Abuse Scandal in Minnesota

Dec 19, 2013

100 miles south of Minneapolis a shocking story has emerged that has rocked the residents of the town of Albert Lea. Two high school senior girls have been accused of abusing 15 elderly residents at the Good Samaritan Society nursing home over a 5 month period.

19-year old Brianna Broitzman and 18-year old Ashton Larson were working as after school certified nursing assistants, employed to help the alzheimer and dementia suffering elderly with tasks such as brushing hair, cleaning teeth and helping with general day to day tasks. Now it has emerged that far from helping these elderly residents, the two teens have been caught facing 21 charges including assault and abuse of vulnerable adults. A police report states that these seemingly innocent girls participated in disturbing and degrading activities such as spitting in residents’ faces, sticking fingers in residents’ mouths and noses, improper physical contact such as poking residents in the breasts and hitting male residents in the genitals – sickeningly all for fun.

The allegations emerged when staff were alerted after a worker reported the girls to them. Four other workers, whose names must be kept anonymous due to that fact that they are minors, have also been charged with failing to report the teenage girls’ behavior.

This type of case is seen far too often in nursing homes around the nation and statistics show that in a shocking 30% of nursing homes abuse of elderly residents is evident.

Many questions will be posed when this case goes to court in the new year, one of which may be about where the supervision was when these atrocious activities were being carried out.

In this shocking case there were no physical scars or marks to see; there were no bruises or cuts to show that residents were being abused. Emotional abuse can be more difficult to spot, which is why if you have a loved one in a nursing home or are a nursing home professional, being vigilant to any emotional changes in a person is imperative. Changes in behavior such as what they talk about or how they say they are feeling. The attorneys at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm  are aware that these cases are extremely disturbing for family members. Having the compassion and resilience to take on a nursing home abuse case is important and the nursing home abuse lawyers at Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Law Firm are dedicated to fighting for the rights of the abused party.