Two Women Arrested in Case of Nursing Home Abuse Against Brain Damaged Patient

Mar 26, 2014

Two women who have been dubbed Britain’s “cruelest carers” have pleaded guilty to abusing a brain-damaged patient at an $1,800 a week private care facility in the north of England.

The family of the patient had concerns about the well-being and safety of their relative, so they placed a secret camera in his room after complaints to senior staff fell on deaf ears. The family believed that their concerns about The Priory Highbank Center had not been addressed so they hid the cameras around his room in order to find out for themselves if anything was amiss.

The Priory Highbank Center is a specialist hospital for neurological treatment and part of the well-known Priory group’s network of 275 hospitals, clinics and schools in the UK. Countless celebrities have been treated at the facilities’ private centers up and down the country.

What the cameras filmed between August 28th and September 19th 2012 was a catalog of abuse and humiliation at the hands of 68-year old Rita Page and 33-year old Lynette Crook. Crook jabbed the patient in the torso and head with a pen while he was asleep, while Page slapped him during a struggle. Both slapped the young victims legs and showered him with a torrent of vulgar language as he lay in his bed lifeless while they changed his bedding. Once the footage was handed into the police, the two women were suspended from their jobs and arrested. They will both no doubt face a prison sentence.

The family of the young man, who had suffered with brain damage following an accident when he was younger, are now campaigning for security cameras to be put in nursing homes for all vulnerable people.

If you have a loved one who is in a nursing home and they have been abused or neglected, like in the above story, then do not delay in telling someone right away. Nursing home staff should not get away with harming or neglecting patients and residents, and sadly around the country and beyond these stories are becoming far too common. Brown Wharton & Brothers Nursing Home Abuse Law Firm are made up of a team of experienced and dedicated nursing home litigation attorneys who have focused their careers on these cases.